• While we do not accept plant returns at this time, we guarantee that every plant will arrive in good health.
  • At the time of pick up, if there are significant signs of deterioration, we can offer a store credit or refund. Once the plant is picked up, there will be no refund or exchange.
  • If you do have an issue please reach out to us!
  • Disclaimer on purchasing variegated plants: many our plants we grow from tissue culture. Chimeric variegations of our house plants are random and unpredictable, and therefore we cannot guarantee their future levels of variegations - whether it be increased levels of variegations or reversions. This is a risk that plant buyers should be aware of before purchase and these sales will not be eligible for any form of compensation.
  • Plants are living organisms, and as such their level of growth or lack thereof is dependent upon their genetic makeup as well as environment living conditions (i.e., temperature, humidity, lighting, etc.). Therefore, we cannot guarantee their levels of growth once it leaves our care to their new homes of buyers. We do offer after care services if needed to all our customers - please reach out to us with any relevant inquires.

    Thank you!